It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Only two more days, only two more days, only two more days. We can do this people! Here’s something that might help! This activity lasts a little less than 20 minutes.


Step one: Divide the total number of students participating in the activity by four. Print off that many copies of page one.

Step two: Chop up page one so every student can have one hundreds chart

Step three: Display slide 2 as students come in the classroom so they can gather the correct materials.

Step four: Hit the go button.

Step five: sit back and let the chaos ensue! As the slides go through on their own, it will make a sound to alert students there is something new to look at. It starts out slow and then picks up speed! When it is done you can click play on the YouTube video and if you have 40 minute class periods you’re done! Otherwise here’s a game you can play to entertain them until the end of the day!


One thought on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year

  1. This is genius!!! I have A LOT of students out tomorrow for various school events. I was going to use the elf creator activities but asking students to take out their laptops is going to be all groans. This will make the students who love to color and/or love a challenge so excited. Thanks!


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