Olympic Fever!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m in shock and awe of all of the directions I am being pulled in right now. I am so excited to be with my students soon (I just love working with them and sharing my love of the Spanish language and culture of those who speak it!), but so upset to leave behind baby Gold Glitter Hat (I mean look at her face. How could I be expected to do anything but look at her all day), but all I want to do is watch the olympics!

I figured my students might be obsessed with them as well, so I threw this together during commercial breaks! It has the pictograms built by the genius Masaaki Hiromura for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, found the Spanish sport name, and brought them together for a quick and easy word wall!

Now what to do with them you ask? welll…..I originally planned to use them as part of a word wall.

(1) printing them out on cardstock – I might even invest in some special colors to bring some cohesiveness to my classroom

(2) cutting them out into strips – thank goodness for my paper guillotine which will make this process quick and easy!

(3) hanging them up on one of my empty wall spaces

From there…the sky is the limit as to what I could do with them! I could

~ leave them alone and see how students use them

~ print out multiple copies of them, cut the picture away from the Spanish, and turn it into a matching game

~ Quick type up a list of the sports, and print out enough copies for each partner pair of students to have one copy between the two of them. Then, play the videoclip of the pictograms from the opening ceremonies. After each sport is demonstrated, I click pause and that releases the students to race to point to the correct sport first

~ Use them as conversation starters – do you like to watch xyz? Do you like to participate in xyz? Do you prefer to watch it live or on TV?

~ Use it as a “brain break” / active conversation where students line up down the front of the room, and then I say a sport (show a picture for those who need that support) then count down 3, 2, 1 and students jump to the left if they like to watch it, right if they like to participate in it, stay where they are if they have an opinion other than those two options

What other ideas do you have for them? Comment below or give me a shout out on Instagram @GoldGlitterHat

Enjoy your last days of summer! We’re all in this together