Class Opening Games: Part 1

Sometimes I really enjoy starting class off with a game. I only allow them to play for five minutes, but it gets us started in Spanish right off the bat, and helps put everyone in a good mood. Now for those classes that can’t handle it, I either don’t give them the option to even play or we don’t play for the full five minutes. If I have to walk over to my respect sign three times, that’s the signal for we are done.


My students call this “not sparkle” (if you ever played the game “sparkle” to practice spelling, this’ll make sense. If you’ve never heard of that, it’s ok don’t worry about it I will teach you)


Step one: students make a circle, the teacher is not in the circle

Step two: display on board the list of Spanish numbers 0-100 by ten – review with students the numbers. You may leave it up or take it down during the game. I will typically leave it up for a few rounds and then take it down.)

Step three: select a student to go first

Step four: that student will say either 1, 2, or 3 numbers (ie 0, 0 and 10, or 0, 10, and 20) and then it is the next students turn (play ALWAYS goes to the left). If the student makes a mistake or takes too long to say a number (you decide how long too long is) they are out and stand against the wall.

Step five: that student will say 1, 2, or 3 numbers to continue where the previous student left off. If a student makes a mistake or takes too long to say a number (you decide how long too long is) they are out and stand against the wall.

Step six: when a student says the number 100, they will look to the student on their left and say “adiós” as that student is out. The student who is out stands against the wall.

Step seven: repeat steps four, five, and six.

Play until everyone is out or five minutes are up!

You don’t like it when students are out? Me neither. That’s why I have the “Javi-bear” expansion.

Javi-bear is a teddy bear a former student of mine was gifted for Valentine’s Day, but she didn’t wish to keep him. So I gave him a happy home in my classroom and he is now beloved and famous!

Let’s say that Billy is the first student to get out in the game. Billy will receive Javi-Bear to hold onto and “play with”. Then, let’s say Jane makes a mistake. Jane will take Javi-Bear from Billy and Billy will take Jane’s place in the circle. If James makes a mistake, he will take Javi-Bear from Jane and Jane will take James’ place in the circle. If Sadie gets out because she was the one after the number “100”, she will stand NEXT to James, but will not take Javi-Bear. Javi-Bear now shows me who the first student is in line who needs to come in if a mistake is made.

If a student is out because they were the one to be after the one who said the number “100”, they do NOT get to come back in. Someone only comes in if a mistake is made. There will eventually come a point where students don’t make mistakes and don’t come back in, but keep an eye out! Sometimes little mistakes happen!

Hope that makes sense! Students love to play this game ~ betrayals happen so quickly! 🙂

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