Song of the Week: Yo contigo, tú conmigo

¡Hola hola!


I think I have finally recovered from Homecoming, the Iowa World Language Association’s conference, parent-teacher conferences, and the first seven weeks of school! How are you holding up? Make sure to take some time in your day for YOU!!! Sit by the fireplace, scratch your puppy in her favorite spot behind her ears, treat yourself to some Dairy Queen, whatever it takes!

Every week I select a song of the week to share with my students, and we do various activities with it as our openers for the week  so students can get used to hearing it, sing along, and at the end of the year we can use it during our Locura de Mayo bracket!

This week, the song of the week is Yo contigo, tú conmigo by Morat and Álvaro Soler. My students love singing the ¿por qué por qué por qué? part to each other – and you just can’t go with with Álvaro!!

These are our warm up activities for class during the week:

Monday: students will match the English phrases with the Spanish phrases, then listen to the music and count how many times they hear the phrases (page 3)

Tuesday: students will listen to the song and fill in the blanks with the sound they hear. I tell them I don’t expect them to fill in the blank with a word ~ they are novice babies, they won’t know the word, but can they get used to hearing a Spanish sound and knowing what it is? I follow along with them on the projector so if they get lost they can see where we are. (page 2)

Wednesday/Thursday: Gilbert has block days so we have 90 minute classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It works out great though because we have extra time for music! I cut out the music from page 4, play the song for students and they work either on their own or with their partner to put the song in order. I pause the song after the first two or three cards so they have time to process. When we check their work they get in practice with the alphabet, and sometimes we even listen to the alphabet song!  They love singing it, and if I’m feeling generous I let them play hangman with their partner to practice the alphabet even more!

Friday: the students favorite day! I cut out the options on page 6. Students work spread them out between them and their partner. I play the song for them and when they hear the word, they grab the card. At the end, I announce one card and whoever has that card in their possession wins the game! If they’ve been good during the week, I play the video of the song for them for YouTube viernes. They LOVE it! And the video for Yo Contigo, Tú Contigo has the minions which they just LOVE. (Don’t forget on Fridays, as they come in to play the viernes song for them – it will be their favorite part of Spanish Class!