Brake and take a (brain) break


It’s that time of year for back to school, and as this year will have to be different than previous years to keep me, my students, and baby Hamblin safe. Some of my normal routines have to be adjusted or eliminated.

For the last two years I have done brain breaks with my students after seeing teachers like La Maestra Loca experience such success with them. And my students benefited as well! When students have to concentrate for long periods of time, they NEED to brake, and take a break.

For some teachers, brain breaks are games. I have some of those, but many of mine (I tell my students) are designed to “break” their brains. I went through and updated my brain break calendar to only include brain breaks that could be completed (1) within the requirements of my district and (2) in a way where I feel like I am keeping them as safe as possible. We will be on an alternating block schedule with no students at the school on Wednesday, so this calendar will get me through a three week period so the brain breaks can be varied and kiddos hopefully won’t get too bored with them. Hope it helps somebody else!

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